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  • Automatic Cans Loader and Unloader
  • Automatic Cans Loader and Unloader
  • Automatic Cans Loader and Unloader
  • Automatic Cans Loader and Unloader

Automatic Cans Loader and Unloader


This is a fully automatic cans or bottle loading line, it will automatically place products on the retort baskets, which greatly saves time and labor and improves productivity.

The rigid packaging automatic loading and unloading system is mainly used for automatic baskets loading before sterilisation of canned products, automatic entry and exit of the retort, and automatic baskets removal after sterilisation. It can be realised that the front end is connected to the canning and sealing machine through a conveyor belt, and the back end is connected to the cleaning and packaging line through a conveyor belt, so as to realise the unmanned production of the sterilisation workshop. The loading and unloading equipment can realise automatic buffering, automatic turnover of empty baskets, automatic entry and exit of the retort, etc. The entire set of unloading lines are controlled by an intelligent system to realise unmanned production.

This line is suitable for large-volume products. It can not only automatically load the cans or bottles to the baskets but also automatically unload the cans or bottles from the retort baskets, and meanwhile, it will greatly improve the utilization rate of the retort machine. It can be described as a "one-time investment, a lifetime benefit".


Glass bottles (glass jar )

Cans (aluminum cans, tin cans)

Plastic bottles (HDPE bottle, PE bottle)


1. Instead of manually completing the trays or baskets loading and unloading work
2. The system control automatically completes the entry and exit for the retort machine, and the entire process does not require manual intervention.
3. Production quality and efficiency are controllable, not affected by workers’ emotions, and quality standardisation is achieved.
4. The equipment operates 24 hours a day without interruption, making greater profits for the enterprise
5. Automatic production, reducing labor intensity of workers
6. Reduce the cost of employment and reduce the cost of enterprise management


This is a completely customized production line.

The production line is designed and laid out according to the output of the customer and the layout of the customer's factory. Therefore, customers are required to provide detailed information such as factory layout and filling speed to provide design solutions.

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