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Company History

 In 1996, the company was established, Zhucheng's first vertical retort sterilizer

 In 1997, Zhucheng's first horizontal retort sterilizer

 In 2001, the country's first inflatable sealed quick-open retort sterilizer

 In 2002, there were three major patents such as the utility model patent "an air-cushion quick-opening device for a retort sterilizer"

 In 2003 The first fully automatic side spray retort sterilizer in Zhucheng (Customer: Rizhao Yaojia Roast Chicken)

 In 2004, Zhucheng's first fully automatic water immersion retort sterilizer (with water flow switching)

 In 2006, the China's first universal cooking pot (Dalian: Mi De)

 In 2007, the first domestic enterprise to obtain export qualification

 In 2008, manufacture of special equipment for pressure vessels TS2237280-2016 “The first three-point supporting rotary retort sterilizer” in China

 In 2009, the first sterilization system with precise F value control was developed

 In 2010, the design license of special equipment for pressure vessels TS1237143-2014

 In 2011, the China's first linear control high-precision retort sterilizer (Qingdao: Dao Jin)

 In 2012, the “Chinese Food Association-Jinding National Food Thermal Sterilization Training Course” was held and has been held continuously since.

 In 2013, participated in the compilation of "Theory and Practice of Food Thermal Sterilization", the first professional book in China

The drafting unit of "The People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard" JB/T11373-2013

The nation's first fully automatic brined egg production line (Customer: Guangdong Wuqiong)

 In 2014, the country's first shaking retort sterilizer (customer: South Korea)

Meanwhile, won the China Industry Science and Technology Innovation Award, the winning project "F value"

 In 2015 R&D and production of the first domestic spray rotary (PLJXZ) retort sterilizer (Customer: Dubai)

       Nine patents included the utility model patent "A retort sterilizer safety device"

       The 95% market share of breakfast porridge industry and brined egg production line.

 In 2016, the cooking and Brining Division was established, and the country's first dynamic automatic cooking equipment was developed.

 In 2017, initiated the establishment of Zhucheng retort sterilizer Industry Association.

 In 2018 R&D and manufacture of flexible sterilization line for flexible packaging.

 In 2019 research and development of brined eggs automatic loading and unloading production line.