Automatic Processing line

Automatic Pouch Loading Unloading Line

Item No.: 00027
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Automatic loading and unloading line for pouches or tray


This is a fully automatic pouch or aluminum-tray loading line, it will automatically position products on the retort tray, which greatly saves time and labor and improves productivity.

This line is suitable for large-volume products. It can not only automatically load the pouches to the trays but also automatically unload the pouches or trays from the retort trays, and meanwhile, it will greatly improve the utilization rate of the retort machine. It can be described as a "one-time investment, a lifetime benefit".

  1. flat report-able bag or pouches
  2. stand-up pouches
  3. Plastic trays



This is a completely customized production line.

 The production line is designed and laid out according to the output of the customer and the layout of the customer's factory. Therefore, customers are required to provide detailed information such as factory layout and filling speed to provide design solutions.

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