Water Spray Retort Machine

Full Automatic Water Spray Retort Machine (Side Spray)

Item No.: 002
The side spray retort machine is good for single-size retort pouch products.  if you have only one-size retort pouches, this machine is good for your situation.
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Sumpot water spray retort sterilizer is famous for its outstanding and consistent temperature distribution. It can achieve consistent product quality,
food safety, and extended shelf life.

SUMPOT Water spray retort is equipped with a water spray device, heat exchanger, and powerful circulation pump.

Heating and holding phase: the powerful pump cycles the process water through retort and heat exchanger, the water is sprayed on the product surface,
shorten the cycle time .save energy, and makes heat distribution more uniform, all the products inside the retort get the same thermal treatment.

Cooling phase: the powerful pump cycles process water through retort and heat exchanger, all the products inside the retort are cooled the same,
regardless of their location. 

Indirect heating and cooling can effectively avoid big temperature differences, process water for the cooling phase is sterilized during the heating
and holding phase, then it can effectively avoid secondary pollution. Help our customers to produce high-quality products with better flavor and appearance.  



Meat products, fish products, vegetables, soups, ready-to-eat meals, protein beverages, pet food, baby food, and other foods are packed in flexible or rigid containers.


Zhucheng Jinding Food Machinery Co., Ltd. was found in 1996. We have engaged in the research and development of all kinds of retort machines and canning processing lines continuously. Through the reference of advanced technology and unremitting endeavor, we have poured the new vigor and the international competitive power into the domestic and forigen market.


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