Full Automatic Water Immersion Retort Machine

Item No.: 004
SUMPOT water immersion retort is designed for the breakfast porridge (also applies to the high viscosity, granular products, such as jam, fruit milk, milk drinks)absorbed new science, meet the various market demand.
Description Review


The Water Immersion Process is the most widely accepted method of sterilizing products using an over pressure process. The Water Immersion process is similar to a saturated steam process in that the product is totally isolated from any influence of cooling air – the product is totally submerged in water. But, it is different from Saturated Steam in that air can be introduced into the vessel during sterilization. Overpressure is provided by introducing air (or steam) on top of the water. In some instances, the air is added to the steam (which then heats the air). The heated air agitates the water as it flows to the surface and serves to pressurize the processing load.

Applicable scope:

1.Large flexible/soft package

2. Color/shape-sensitive products, such as sweet corn and sausage.

3. Flexible pouch serialflexible retort pouch, laminated film bag, high-temperature cooking bag, vacuum bag

Design principle

Preheating the sterilizing water in the upper tank with steam provides a heat source for sterilizing.

Raising temperature: preheated water fills the sterilizing tank quickly, and the initial temperature rises quickly.

Sterilizing: sufficiently supplied steam heat recycle, heat distribution steady.

Cooling system: cooling water is injected into the retort to cool the food directly. Three kinds of control systems including manualsemi autofull automatic PLC control are available.


Main character

Double layer compact design, hot water preheat-store-recycle system.

The hot water pump back to the preheating upper tank and waiting for the next batch, save steam by 30% (comparing single tank hot water immersion retort)

Water flow shift function, stir the water flow inside the retort, realized the temperature uniformity of the retort.


Technical parameter

Working Flow:


Workshop layout

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