Automated Retort System Canning Line
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Automated Retort System Canning Line

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Author : SUMPOT
Update time : 2024-05-13 17:43:37

The automated retort basket loading and unloading machine is mainly used to load canned products into sterilization basket by clamping or sucking, and then unload the products from the basket after sterilization is completed.

The upstream filling machine and downstream equipment are connected through the conveyor line to realize online bottle sorting, automatic pushing of bottles into the basket, automatic lifting and lowering of the basket through system control, and automatic picking and placing of partitions during the process.

This equipment has reasonable structural design, high production efficiency and small floor space. It uses electric, pneumatic and hydraulic control execution components to complete all loading and unloading processes. action to realize automated production, save manpower and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Application Scope

It is suitable for automated loading and unloading of baskets and automatic transportation of sterilization baskets before and after sterilization of various solid cans, metal cans, glass bottles, PE bottles and other rigid containers that is heating resistance.

Working Principle:

1. Automatic queuing of canned products into the basket loading machine;

2. Product online automatic unpacking and queuing;

3. The single-layer product is pushed into the retort basket through the pressing device and the bottle pushing robot;

4. The hydraulically controlled lifting platform automatically lifts and lowers according to the set height;

5. Automatically place partitions into the basket layer by layer;

6. After the basket is filled, it is automatically transported to the retort machine for sterilization through the conveyor track;

7. After sterilization is completed, it is automatically transported to the basket unloading machine through the conveyor track;

8. The hydraulically controlled lifting platform ejects the products in the basket layer by layer;

9. The products in the basket are pushed out layer by layer through the bottle pushing robot, and the layer-by-layer partitions are automatically taken out during the process;

10. Products are transported to downstream processes in a timely manner via conveyor belts;

11. The empty basket is transported to the loading machine through the conveyor track for basket loading; The whole retort sterilization canning process is finished.


The basket loading and unloading machine consists of a basket loading and unloading machine, a conveyor platform, a lifting platform, pneumatic parts and solenoid valves, photoelectric sensors, proximity switches, PLC, and other electrical components.

The basket conveyor is used to cache the products before entering the retort chamber for sterilization and after sterilization. When the set number of retorts is reached, the electric trolley is used to transfer the products into the autoclave. When the sterilization is completed, the products are transported out of the autoclave and buffered to wait for unloading.

The electric trolley is equipped with walking rails, conveyor chains and power reducers, and is mainly used for the turnover connection between the conveyor rails and the sterilization retort. The autoclave basket with the product installed is transported into each retort chamber through the chain. When the sterilization is completed, the autoclave basket in the autoclave is automatically transported out, waiting for the destacker to unload the basket. The control system controls the vehicle to automatically position and run automatically without human intervention.

Technical features:

The transportation is smooth, equipped with position sensors, and the stopping position is accurate and reliable. There is no jamming when connecting with the buffer rail and retort machine rail. It is equipped with 304 stainless steel rails, which are strong, corrosion-resistant and rust-free.

Technical parameters: Main body material is 304, conveyor chain material is 304 stainless steel.


1. Stable equipment performance:The control system adopts well-known brands, such as Siemens, Schneider, etc. Quality assurance, good durability, and more reliable use.

2. Sufficient equipment materials:Enhance the carrying capacity of the equipment, improve stability and reliability, and ensure the continuous operation of the sterilization system assembly line.

3. Rich customer cases: Our retort system equipment has exported to 100 countries,excellent equipment performance has been highly praised by customers at home and abroad.

4. High automation level: Complete the work of loading and unloading baskets instead of manual work, the entire process is completed automatically without manual intervention.The equipment operates 24 hours a day, creating greater profits for the company.Automatic production reduces labor intensity of workers; Reduce employment costs; reduce enterprise management costs.

5. Excellent after sales service: SUMretort offers nine major service processes, including pre-sales consultation, pre-sales planning, on-site inspection, installation and commissioning, remote guidance, free training, on-site equipment physical examination, etc. Help users better understand and use equipment and improve work efficiency.

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