SUMPOT Water Immersion Rotary Retort
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SUMPOT Water Immersion Rotary Retort

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Update time : 2024-05-10 16:05:12


SUMPOT water immersion rotary retort is a type of industrial equipment used for thermal processing in sterilizing packaged food products. It is an advanced technology that uses water immersion to transfer heat to the food containers, rotating continuously during sterilization to ensure uniform heat distribution and penetration.

SUMPOT stainless steel drum enables a product rotation. His particularly resilient mechanical design continued to evolve with a three-point support structure drum even more reliable.The strength of this drum has been widely tried, it is capable of supporting rigid packaging such as cans and jars or bottles. With SUMPOT Rotary Retort there will be nothing broken, no production shutdowns due to a weak manufacturing that cant bear excessive weight.


The packaged food is put into the rotating cage and rotates continuously during the sterilization process. During the rotation process, the grains and soup in the cup flow and mix continuously. The sterilized product content is uniform, not layered, the product still looks good, and the taste is good. The flow of soup in the cup greatly increases the heat penetration rate.

The temperature and pressure are perfectly controlled, and the product remains flat and beautiful after sterilization. The cup body does not deform, and the breakage rate is minimized. According to different food formulas, a variety of sterilization processes can be selected, with good heat penetration and no loss of product nutrition. SUMPOT rotary retorts are performing excellent in fast sterilization, short come-up time, energy efficiency in industry.

Application Scope

The rotary sterilizing retort is designed for breakfast porridge , also suitable for sterilizing various products with high viscosity and particles, such as jam, fruit milk, milk-containing beverages, etc. incorporates the latest technology to meet the ever-changing market needs.

Working Principle

During sterilization, the packaged food containers rotates 360° continuously under the drive of the rotating body in the kettle, driving the soup in the can to move slowly, so that the contents are evenly heated and evenly cooled. The food rotates slowly and continuously in the device, making the heat transfer faster and more uniform, shortening the sterilization time and effectively avoiding overheating and burning around the food. The temperature control system can be flexibly controlled according to the characteristics of different packaging materials, and the pressure control system can automatically adjust the pressure in accordance with the standard mode.

The entire material in the kettle rotates, which can make full use of the heat in the kettle, achieve no dead corners in the kettle, and sterilize quickly and accurately. This sterilizer is particularly suitable for packaging materials with a higher specific gravity of solids than liquids, and viscous canned foods of various concentrations. It can be rotated during the sterilization process to achieve the purpose of no stratification and no precipitation within the shelf life.

Why choose SUMPOT water immersion rotary retort machine ?

1. Sterilization efficiency:Efficient processing of products with high viscosity, such as condensed milk and porridge.

2. Consistent Sterilization: Continuous rotation of food containers ensures even heat distribution, resulting in better texture and extended shelf life

3. Energy efficient: Faster heat transfer due to the water immersion process, making it an efficient and reliable method for processing large-sized products

4. Precise control system:Stable and accurate operation, with temperature control being a key feature of the machine, ensuring food safety

5.User-friendly design with an easy-to-use HMI (Human Machine Interface), reducing the risk of human error during the processing phase

6.Versatility: Versatile and can be used to process a wide range of food products, including canned foods, pet food, baby food, and other packaged food products

Crucial equipment in the food industry that is essential in ensuring that the food we consume is safe and healthy

What service we support for you retort use?

1. Pre-sales site survey and planning

2. Site planning, installation, commissioning, and user training before equipment use

3. Equipment on-site inspection

4. Scale cleaning and proportion formula provision

5. After-sales follow-up and sales door-to-door visits

6. Heat distribution or heat penetration test

7. Secondary equipment relocation and modification

8. Recall of defective equipment and parts

9. Lifelong maintenance of equipment

10. One-year warranty for the whole machine

What kind of retort and size you can use?

For the retort type and capacity, below information is helpful:

1: product contents and package type

2: package size and dimension

3: batch quantities.

4:heating supply steam or electricity

Based on this data, we can work out a solution for you with all tech data, please feel free to inquiry

For more information on our water immersion rotary retort, please fill out our inquiry form, we will get back to you very soon.

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